20 Concussions, Near Death, and Finding Life Long Learning

May 20, 2022 00:39:05
20 Concussions, Near Death, and Finding Life Long Learning
The TBI Therapist Podcast
20 Concussions, Near Death, and Finding Life Long Learning

May 20 2022 | 00:39:05


Show Notes

Our amazing guest Fred shares his journey of recovering from multiple concussions and other extremely difficult medical procedures.  He shares how he dove into finding things that worked for him in his recovery. Part of that journey was diving into a passion project. Fred has been a lifelong learner and found that he started getting better once he found this key. 

Meet Fred: 

Fred Rutman, BA, CACE, MBA, Certified Marketing Specialist, Intermittent Faster and Coach, Death and Brain Trauma SurvivorCurrently writing the medical trauma memoir "The Summer I Died Twenty Times". He was a marketer/consultant and then a college professor.  He was hospitalized numerous times and learned he was was a Type 2 diabetic.  But it was worse than that - It turns he wasn’t simply passing out - his heart was stopping. He was clinically dead dozens of times. Each time his heart stopped, he collapsed and hit his head, sustaining multiple concussions. They eventually figured out that they had repeatedly misdiagnosed me and put me on a pacemaker. Which was great. Until the infallible pacemaker failed in 2013. And 2018, with more complications in 2019 and 2020. 

Things we discussed: 


Takeaway #1

Lifelong learning was a great tool for Fred’s recovery.  He discovered that learning about the Talmud which is a religious text was something that aided in his recovery.  He encourages survivors to find the things that will interest them such as painting, music, or literature. 

Takeaway #2

Fred talked a lot about the role of nutrition. For him intermittent fasting was a big key in recovering from his concussions and brain injury.  As always, please seek medical advice before starting a new nutrition plan. 

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