Mindset and Career shifts after Concussion

March 01, 2022 00:35:48
Mindset and Career shifts after Concussion
TBI Therapist
Mindset and Career shifts after Concussion

Show Notes

This has all the makings of an epic conversation! Jill Griffin  is inspiring, candid, and doesn’t hold back from her experiences after a concussion.. She discussed sustaining a concussion while traveling to Australia. Her story of struggle and recovery from long lasting effects of a concussion shows tremendous grit and belief in herself to know what was best for her. Jill realized that she had to be her own advocate. She couldn't just accept that she couldn't get any better.  This belief enabled her to seek out the support and help she needed to  recover.

Meet Jill: 

Jill D. Griffin is a Career Strategist and Gallup® certified Strengths Coach. For 20+ years her approach to busting through the belief systems and building a culture from the strengths of both the team and leadership is responsible for creating repeated and consistent results. She has worked with Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Samsung, Mondelez, and Honda. 

Things we discussed: 

Takeaway #1

Jill says to focus on physical reasons why things are happening. For her nutrition was a key to her recovery.

Takeaway #2

 She mentions that you can't go straight from the negative to the positive without going through neutral. She talks about reality versus the worst case scenario.

Takeaway #3

Jill indicates that she blamed herself for much too long. She encourages finding beauty in the imperfections that this can bring. 

More From Jill

She is the host of The Career Refresh podcast and at jillgriffincoaching.com or her Instagram @jillgriffinofficial.

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