Speech Therapy, Brain Injury, and Mindfulness with Katherine Noyes

Episode 12 February 08, 2022 00:30:19
Speech Therapy, Brain Injury, and Mindfulness with Katherine Noyes
TBI Therapist
Speech Therapy, Brain Injury, and Mindfulness with Katherine Noyes

Show Notes

Episode#12! Today we talk about all things speech therapy, mindfulness, and yoga. Katherine Noyes, SLP, CBIS is a licensed speech pathologist and brain injury specialist.  She talks a little bit about what speech therapy looks like with someone who has a brain injury.  She focuses on functional goals, that fit your life.  She also believes in a holistic approach through wellness and mindfulness. 


Meet Katherine: 

Katherine Noyes, co-owner of Lotus Speech & Wellness, LLC, is a licensed speech-language pathologist, certified brain injury specialist, and registered yoga teacher. She has worked as an SLP for over 10 years in both inpatient and outpatient medical settings, as well as in the public schools. She specializes in helping adults with neurological impairments improve communication, cognition, and mind-body wellness through her speech therapy and yoga offerings.


Things we discussed: 




Takeaway #1


Katherine says let's not reinvent the wheel! She finds that taking strategies from your life now is important to have something that may work for you post-injury. 

Takeaway #2

Be your own advocate. Brain injuries can be complex and each one is unique.  She suggests finding a professional who has training in brain injury. 

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During this conversation, Julie talks about the shame after a brain injury. She discusses one of the most difficult memories after her stroke.  She’ll explain strategies that worked for her to manage depression after a brain injury.     Meet Julie:    Julie Kuch is a life coach for people with brain injuries. She has helped hundreds of people around the globe live happier, more joyful lives after their brain injury. She has also experienced brain injuries of her own. In 2009 she had a stroke and in 2020 she had a concussion. Knowing firsthand how it feels to live with the TBI has helped her tremendously in reaching her clients. She is a mother to five amazing kids, and a wife to a super rad husband. She loves running and doughnuts but not necessarily in that order. But …..not against it either.    Things we discussed:  Depression is normal but not often recognized How discovering depression symptoms was difficult due to not having any previous symptoms in the past.   Here is a link to a depression screener if you think you may struggle with depression https://screening.mhanational.org/screening-tools/depression/ Links for depression support https://screening.mhanational.org/get-help/   Takeaways   Takeaway #1   You are your best advocate.  Your doctors and others in your life may have different ideas. If something feels off, continue to pursue what feels right.    Takeaway #2   Sleep is essential! Julie discusses a digital sunset.  Her routine is taking a bath and using bath salts to settle her brain and body for sleep. She ...


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This was such a rich conversation about the story of brain injury. Lethan says don’t get stuck on a plan.  He says he was stuck initially on being an actor, which changed after his injury. When he didn’t feel the same drive, he felt lost. When he realized he didn’t have to do those things, he started to enjoy his life.  He talked about how he is enjoying his international life that would have never happened without going through his injury.  Lethan Candlish is an author, educator, inspirational storyteller, and brain injury survivor.  As his graduate thesis project in Storytelling, Lethan researched, composed and performed Who Am I, Again?, a storytelling piece that has been shared throughout the US and is praised for its candidly honest language.  Most recently, Lethan published his acclaimed book, Who Am I, Now? Using storytelling to Accept and Appreciate self-identity after TBI.  He is currently studying the best way to use storytelling as a tool in recovery with rehabilitation academics in New Zealand and Australia.   Tips for Recovery Tip #1: Just start talking about your story. Talk with people that are closest to you. Lethan says this is vulnerable, but necessary from his perspective.  Tip #2 Keep a  journal-put your story in order to make it relatable to other people. Spend time to compose a story of your brain injury. Lethan composed an actual story of his event and found it very helpful for him. It helps when you are ready to tell your story to others.  Tip #3 Find a safe place to tell your story, such as friends, ...


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