TBI Dietitian Krystal Merrells on Nutrition after concussion

January 25, 2022 00:32:18
TBI Dietitian Krystal Merrells on Nutrition after concussion
TBI Therapist
TBI Dietitian Krystal Merrells on Nutrition after concussion

Show Notes

Concussion and nutrition is a hot topic! But does it need to be? My guest Krystal talks about her role as a nutritionist and her concussion recovery. We talk briefly about the HUGE topic of intuitive eating and brain injury.  She found that people were often on restrictive diets, supplements, and tracking when they were struggling with their recovery.  She found that no one was offering more of an intuitive approach to eating after a brain injury.  

Things we discussed: 


Takeaway #1

Routine! The brain and body love routine. Get your three square meals a day. It’s a great place to start!  

Takeaway #2

Think about what to add vs. what to cut out. Figure out what you like to eat and how easy that would be to add in to your day. 

Take away #3

How can food be healing in more ways than one? Think about making a family recipe, enjoy some time of rest/calm, or spend time with loved ones.   

Takeaway #4

Routinely have laughter in your day. Krystal loves to find ways to laugh and encourages this for others. 

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